Category: Natural resins

Eritrea Siftings

N° 41

Three Kings’ Eritrea siftings is a yellow and yellowish-white natural resin with a very classic […]

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Eritrea Peasize

N° 42

Three Kings’ Eritrea peasize is a yellow and yellowish-white incense with a very classic scent, […]

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Aden Siftings

N° 43

Three Kings’ natural resin Aden is a blend of yellow and yellowish-white siftings. Aden has […]

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Aden peasize

N° 44

Three King’s resin Aden is a yellow and yellowish-white pea-sized natural resin. Aden has a […]

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Benjoin Siam

N° 47

Three Kings’ natural resin Benjoin Siam is a yellow and yellow-reddish granules. The natural resin has […]

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Myrrhe siftings

N° 48

Three King’s Myrrhe is a brown and amberish-red glazed natural resin. Myrrhe has been used […]

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Myrrhe peasize

N° 49

Three Kings’ Myrrhe is a brown and amberish-red resin, providing a strong fragrance, giving off […]

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Styrax Powder

N° 50

Three Kings’ Styrax powder is a black natural resin with a sweet, vanilla-like fragrance. The […]

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N° 52

Three Kings’ Dammar is a 100 percent natural resins of white and yellowish-white, translucent crushed […]

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N° 53

Three Kings’ Copal is a 100 percent natural, yellow and amberish-yellow translucent incense with a […]

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Mastic Tears

N° 54

Three Kings’s Mastic Tears is a clear light-yellow and greenish-yellow natural resin. The natural resin […]

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